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Which QB would have been the best option for us this year


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People tend to wait until the season is over and then say "I knew it", so lets make it official now. Which of the QBs that has been on out Roster over the past couple of years would have made this years team the best?

Rex Grossman

John Beck

Donovan McNabb

Jason Campbell

Can John Beck really be the future?

Is Grossman underrated, will he prove his naysayers wrong?

Should we have Gotten rid of McNabb, or given him another year?

Should we have stuck with Jason Campbell and never have brought in McNabb at all?

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Difficult question to answer. In a vacuum, it's probably McNabb. But Shanahan and McNabb did not get along. Probably due to McNabb being a poor fit for the system and not really wanting to adjust his ways. Not that I see Campbell being a great fit either, but I could see Campbell outdoing McNabb in Shanahan's system. I don't hold Beck or Grossman in high regard. But Beck has a bit of an unknown quantity to him if you want to hold out for hope.

For this team and system - Campbell

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I want to question McNabb

Is it McNabb with that stupid outrageous contract we inked him to last November or just in general?

To me the clear answer is McNabb, without that contract.

Once he signed that his days here were numbered.

No chance in hell he was worth that price at that age

However as for which QB on that list would give us the best chance to win my answer would be McNabb today, tomorrow, and yesterday

I know that's unpopular because of the sillyness that some of you point to which holds no truth that "Rex Grossman over 16 games woulda....blah blah blah"

But at the price we would have owed him I would say its a give up between the three others

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It's either Grossman or Beck. The former proved he can run the offense better than McNabb did. With his leg shots, Donny Mac's lack of accuracy is a killer in any system.

And any QB who doesn't love Kyle Shanahan's system is out of his mind. Guys are open all the time.

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Ya left out the other name;Faaaaaaavvvvrrreeeee.

WHOA; what are those things whizzing by my head at high velocity? I smell fireworks of some sort, and I see flashes; maybe its a camera, so I'll just stand here and smile...:silly:

I still say Beck should be given a chance; hope he plays good against Pitt, and you know that will cause nothing but controversy...

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I would have to say Beck. only because we dont yet know what we have in him. He played only a handful of games as a starter, and hasnt yet started one for this coaching staff. The Shanahans seem to like what they see in him (and they have forgotten more about football then you or I will ever know).

McNabb was ready to move on the minute that he got here.

Campbell, God bless him, was ruined (mentally) by all of the sacks that he took while here. I like him, but am not sure if he is a good fit dor our system.

Rex: Well, we know what we have with him. He can be great in some stretches, but really stink up the joint in others. Just not sexy enough. LOL.

---------- Post added August-12th-2011 at 03:01 PM ----------

**** Luck...WE WON'T SUCK!!!!!!!!

My new favorite saying. thats awesome!

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If answering Campbell means we get the picks we traded for McNabb back then it's a no brainier.

But if you put it in a vacuum and said "which would work best on the team as it's currently constructed" then I think it's a wash. Four guys that aren't the answer.

Completely agree.

:helmet: The Rook

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Ryan Mallett looked pretty good last night. I wish we had taken him instead of retreading 2 QBs who are essentially done in the league (Beck and Grossman). Even though we upgraded several postions during draft and free agency, without a QB we will be picking high. Wonder if Shanahans and Allen are stockpiling draft picks to move to #1 to get Luck?

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