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Request: Highlights from previous Skins Steelers preason games showcasing Steelers dirty play

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Hi guys, I am going to watch the game tonight in a Steelers bar with a Steeler fan co-worker of mine, and I wanted to see if someone could help me out with a video snipit or two that I have been looking for but could not find.

In particular, these are a couple plays I was looking for video evidence of (I believe they were from the 2007 preseason game)

Play #1:

Troy Palamalu comes on a safety blitz, J Campbell airs it out deep to Antwaan Randel El. Now Jason has already thrown the ball and a Steeler, probably unable to stop, hits him from behind and brings him to his knees. The scene I vividly remember, is Troy getting to Jason AFTER the ball is thrown. The shot is taken from the end zone, so you are looking at Jason (again, on his knees) and Troy both looking DOWNFIELD to see if the pass is caught. With the ball ALREADY IN THE AIR, Troy punches Jason in the head to knock him to the ground. I was SO angry when I saw that happen.

Play #2

Steelers linebacker, can't remember who, jumps offsides to beat the LT on a speed rush, sacks QB ( I think) and rolls up on John Janses legs and breaks his ankle. All so the guy can get a sack in the preseason and now we're without our starting RT.

Please let me know if anyone else remembers these two incidents, and if there is video evidence of such. I'm making the arguement that the Steelers actually DO care about preseason games, and go a little too hard, plus they are really dirty players, especially Troy P.

Thanks guys, please don't flame me, if there is another thread for this, let me know. I searched but didn't see one. Also, if you have any other suggestions, let me know. And if anyone is going to be watching the game tonight at McGrady's in Charlottesville (a VA bar thats home to the "Steel City Mafia, smh) I'll be there to back you up.

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play 1 I kind of remember, I mainly remember the one play where I think brett keisel killed campbell's knee after he'd already thrown the ball.

play 2 didn't happen against the steelers, 'twas the dolphins, and it was jason taylor, who jumped offsides and never got called for it. he sacked campbell and the resulting pile up rolled into jansen

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