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Athletic Cut Suits?


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I'm looking to buy a black suit, and when measured, the tailor recommends an athletic cut suit due to chest size and the drop.

I went to Macys, they didn't have any athletic cut suits. Dillards had a few

I even went to JA Bank, and they had a lot that fit great, but the quality just wasn't there.

This is a special occasion so I'm willing to spend a little cash, just don't want a custom made one.

Anyone else ever buy an athletic cut suit?

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Macy's should have it ... I've seen tons lately around here (NOVA)... slim and athletic cut are pretty much the same thing.

Time provided you can just get a regular suit and have it tailored and brought in the jacket. I need a slim/athletic cut jacket but cannot fit the matching pants (way too tight in the quads) so I get regular suits and have them tailored to athletic or slim.

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You can usually get a suit tailored to that type of fit. Have to make sure you have a good tailor of course.

Not saying buy a custom suit, but make it a custom fit.

But I agree, they sell them in Macy's and plenty of other stores. Banana Republic may even have something you are looking for.

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