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PFT: Britt Inadvertently Blows the Whistle on Titans


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Kenny Britt at it again. Wonder what will happen with the Titans though?


Despite a clear prohibition from the league office against teams contacting players during the lockout, Britt told 104.5 the Zone’s 3 Hour Lunch in Nashville that he regularly heard from Titans receivers coach Dave Ragone.

The hosts didn’t even have to pose the question directly. Instead, they simply asked whether Britt became nervous when his phone rang during the offseason, given that he possibly will be suspended for multiple brushes with the law since the 2010 season ended.

“No, not at all,” Britt said, ”because I don’t answer no phone calls that I don’t know the area code. You can even ask my Coach [Raggone] about that, he’s been calling me all summer long. I told him, he’s got to send me a text before I’ll answer it.”

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