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Redskins sign QB Matt Gutierrez


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Not interested:

Wow dcdribble.com, who the hell is responsible for that pic? I understand sometimes you need to flip images for one reason or another, but it's usually best not to do it when a jersey number is highly visible.

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This guy is a joke.

No, seriously... a good buddy of mine is a huge Michigan fan and he was AMPED about this guy. Wouldn't stop talking about how he was the future of Michigan football. I think a couple of days before the season he hurt his shoulder and it was a recurring injury until he finally left the program. I don't think he every played for them. So the running joke when Michigan loses is something like "man... if they only had Matt Gutierrez... it wouldn't make a g-damn difference."

He had a ton of talent and he did sit behind Brady for awhile, but this is probably just a camp arm. He did get signed to KC soon after being cut by NE, who know about NE backup QBs (Cassel). Most likely there is nothing to see here, but I got to relive an old joke with my buddy, so I approve this signing.

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HE got hurt before his first game at UM, Chad Henne snuck in, then he went to Idaho State. He has been training camp, and practice squad, and 3rd backup fodder ever since. He had a shot at getting a backup job in the UFL with Omaha, but the league folded. He has played in 2 NFL games overall and has a 104 QB rating though.

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I hope we don´t see him in game 1 against the Steelers, I hope we see that Chappell kid at least for a quater. I´m already looking forward to the NFLN crew making comments about that ;).

I don't trust this....isn't New Engeland spying on us?

At least we now have a extra QB story:

Sexy Rexy Grossman, the fallen 'I'm going deep' star (SEC Champ, NFC Champ) who looks for his revival.

John Dalton Beck, Mini Todd Collins 2.0. Both had at least 4 years between starts (TC 10 and Beck around 4)

Ben Chappell, famous in Indiana not known in the rest of the country. Will this musical fan(!) only play good durning away games against the Colts or is there more??

Kellen Clemens, the man with a Pope Bennedict blessed baby girl. Yeah the pope kissed his baby.

Matt Qutierrez, the cross-over of Jay Glazer and Nacho Libre. That's just QB gold.

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