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9/11: I'm wondering if it was ET's, our own gov't, Israel, the EU (haters), Canada (jealous bastards), the Indio-Chinese Alliance (see Tom Clancy), former KGB, The Tong, Fu Manchu, Professor Moriarty, evil mutants, or moose and squirrel. What say U?


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I told you before,Texas, I traded my kids for whisky years ago.

My bad <need another drink> I thought that said "parents" not "peasants."

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Read the rules. Close thread please.

There are rules? Then they shoiuld be posted soemwhere <burp, fart, phlegm-hack>.

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Everyone knows it was the illuminati.

They've been in charge of the banks for some time. But that Redneck from Arkansas went ahead and balanced the budget. What's the easiest way to spend? You got it! WAR!

Now the Illuminati are right on track for what goes down 16 months from now.

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What's this whole conspiracy thing about? A freaking convenience store?

You won't think it's so convenient when they beam you up into their silent 'copters or scoop you up in their Civilian Reformatting Vehicle and no one hears from you again.


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