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NFL.com: Packs' Matthews: I played second half of 2010 with broken leg


Who do you think is primary responsible for 9/11?  

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  1. 1. Who do you think is primary responsible for 9/11?

    • Al Qaeda (Bin Laden, etc.)
    • The Government (Bush, Cheney, etc.)
    • IGO (Intergovernment Organizations)
    • Someone we dont know about (type in who you suspect)

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nah, that was a hamstring injury he reaggrivated. It had been bothering him since preseason.

right on..wasnt sure. thanks for clearing that up and congrats on the lombardi.

That's nothing, I worked my desk job all last week with a stuffy nose.


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While that's still an incredible achievement, a stress fracture isn't exactly Joe Theismann serious. He still has my utmost respect for doing it, because stress fractures hurt like hell and can become much worse.

when your right your right......stress fractures happen and the reason some wont play with it is because they dont want it to get worse and turn into a break.....but on the surface, no pun intended, not a big deal to play with it..........

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