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The Redskins family loss a great fan RIP


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My grandfather passed away Monday night. He will be put in his final resting place tomorrow. He was a true die hard Redskins fan. Whether it was preseason or a Super Bowl he was there. The house that his wife of 66 years lived in was a history of lesson of the Redskins. When you entered there was a photo of Riggin's run. Every room had something about the Redskins. He had four loves in life. His wife, his children, the Redskins, and fishing(caught a 43 inch rock fish a few years back). Unfortunately late in his life he was struck by many illnesses but every Redskins game he had the TV on. We all know he will be watching the Redskins on like he did for 75 years with a aerial view now. RIP Joseph Tippett. A great fan, great fisherman, and a great grandfather.

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Sorry for your loss, RR.

I was closer to my grandfather than I was my father, so I know this is hard for you.

He sounded like a great man. And now he'll have pretty good seats to every Redskins game, practice, and he'll finally get to see what goes on in the draft day war room.

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