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Carter to the Pats


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According to the NY Post, they are transitioning.


The Jets tried to retain Ellis, but only at the veteran-minimum salary of $910,000. They were reportedly outbid by Bill Belichick, who is vigorously restocking his defensive line this summer -- witness the recent acquisition of Albert Haynesworth -- as the Patriots transition to a 4-3 scheme.
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I think this transition raises some interesting questions, is this an example of the Pats looking at the NFL and seeing the trend going to 3-4 and realizing this means there will be a glut now of players to who are trained and desire to play in the 4-3 schemes

Also one has to alos wonder about those coaches who came out of the Belichik tree and tried to install 3-4s in the teams they went to should have not tried to imitate him but rather look at the talent they had

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