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"Strike Back" (Fridays at 10 on Cinemax)


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Apparently from a British series.

Reeling from a failed rescue attempt of John Porter, a crack Secret Intelligence Service agent held hostage by a Pakistan terrorist group, British Section 20 agents Michael Stonebridge and Kate Marshall are instructed by their boss, Colonel Eleanor Grant, to head to New Delhi, where the leader of the terrorists, a mysterious figure named Latif, is rumored to be planning a major attack. Before joining Grant and Kate in India, Stonebridge detours to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to recruit former Delta Force operative Damien Scott, an American friend of Porter's who was dishonorably discharged on the eve of the Iraq invasion, and who has been biding his time as a mercenary brawler. Agreeing to help hunt down Latif (for a fee), Scott decodes a secret message on a Porter videotape, then joins Stonebridge in New Delhi, where the two check in to the Royal Lotus Hotel--just as a group of 16 terrorists are setting up a siege. The group's aim: to kidnap a mysterious hotel guest who goes by the name of Mahmood. As Grant and a Pakistani counterpart, Major Ashkani, set up surveillance in a secret location in New Delhi, Scott and Stonebridge manage to slip through the grasp of the terrorists, imbedding themselves in the hotel with hopes of ending the siege, finding Mahmood, and bringing the elusive Latif to justice. (TVMA) (AC,AL,GV,N)






24 with more sex and violence=:beavisnbutthead:

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Saw a commercial for this on tv last night. Looks like it could be a fun show. Too bad I don't get cinemax. Hopefully I can catch it on demand when I visit my parents.
Or just Torrent it. It should be OnDemand though :)

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This is actually season 2 by the way, season 1 was broadcasted on BBC I believe and is six episodes long. Might be worth watching first before getting into this one.
Mood, then, might explain why I’m so taken with the first four episodes of “Strike Back,” a surprisingly stylish and addictive new counterterrorism series premiering Friday night on Cinemax. It’s a joint production from HBO-owned Cinemax and British Sky Broadcasting. It’s also a sequel of sorts to a British miniseries, but pretend I never said that. (Also, for the sake of this review, pretend you have Cinemax.)
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If this is season 2, then it might cause me some problems. I have tried watching Torchwood Miracle Day on Starz and feel like so much is missing. It was originally on BBC too.

If it's only 6 episodes for season 1, then they should maybe make it into two movies and show it before the series starts. Wait, that makes sense, they will never do it.

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The Brit is played by an American and the American is played by an Aussie :ols:

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Holy crap, one of the main characters apparently went boom, something goes boom next episode, and we have to wait two weeks :mad:

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