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Is my video game screwed?(PS3)


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So i got a FIFA World Cup 2010 from PS3(used) late June from gamestop and now its acting all funky shortly after the 30 days expired. The globe is vanishing during loading screens, it freezes during loading screens, and the music is stopping and skipping. The weird thing is the game was working just fine. Then two days ago I was playing in the evening I noticed one of the player's faces was purple. After that everything went down hill. I deleted the game data(minus trophies cuz you can't) and everything and tried it again. I wiped it down multiple times even though the disc is basically perfect. I haven't had a game pull this this on me before so I'm not sure if its lost cause or not. I don't know what else besides maybe see if gamestop's people can figure it out. Help?

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:ols:I could see them falling for this but they would probably find it weird that I ripped the Used sticker off and had no receipt.

i once took a car stereo back with no receipt or box. it was installed in an older car, so the wire clamps had been cut. i'm not even sure i took the electrical tape off of the wires.

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take it back to wal mart with no receipt. about 75% chance you can exchange it for a new one.

Seriously, don't promote fraud. It kills the legit people who return things that actually belong to the store, but don't have a receipt.

Yes - I know. I'm a prude when it comes to this.


As for the game - have you tried it on someone else's system? Or, better yet - go back to the Gamestop and tell them about your problem. Ask them if they can load it up at the store. If it still is a problem at the store - ask them if they can do anything about it (like an even trade out for the same game).

It doesn't hurt to ask, and do the right thing - right?

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