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The Skins Should Be Considering Kyle Orton!


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I was listening to late-night ESPN radio, and it seems that Denver has a real quarterback overload on it's hands. It's only the third day of training camp, and the veterans are already stating publicly their opinion on the quarterback issue there.

Here's a general article about the quarterback controversy:


Does anyone besides me believe Orton would make a great fit here? I sure do.

In 2010, Orton finished the season 3,653 yards 20 touchdowns, nine interceptions.

He was brought into Denver AFTER Shanny left, but there must be a way to get a deal done with the front office for a proven veteran.

We need a real qb achiever in camp if we are to have any hope of contending in our division.

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Please Explain WHY?

Word is he cost a third rounder, going back to our last Super Bowl, how many of these third round draft picks are better than Kyle Orton and what he could do for the Redskins this season?

Hankerson,J Jarmon, Kevin Barnes, Chad Rinehart,C. COOLEY,Derrick Dockery,Rashad Bauman,Harrison,Skip hicks,Derick Smith,Daryl Pounds, Tydus Winans,Ed Bunn, Chris Hakel, Ricky Ervin

I say we take the chance on missing that all too common 3rd Round HoFer...

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If we were going to look at a deal for Orton it would have happened last week. The starting QB will be whoever wins the competition between Beck and Grossman for better or worse. The fact that Grossman signed a one year deal for only about $1.5M and is the guy I expect to start day one tells you this is a transition year at QB and unless we catch lightening in a bottle with Beck or Grossman suddenly turns into Aaron Rogers we are drafting a QB high next year to be our guy.

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Why do we need to compete for our division? Why bring in a guy who will get us to 8-8 and not be a long term answer? Id rather struggle without him and go 6-10 or 7-9 then be mediocre with him and go say 8-8 or 9-7.

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I would love to get Orton, but I'd love it even more if we could get Brady Quinn. He would come cheap and has never been given a real chance. Come on, the Browns? His fate there was sealed from day one.

Look I'm a huge ND fan but Quinn is garbage as a pro QB.

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Orton is potentially the most underrated Player in the league. Yes he would be a major upgrade to what we have, but not a long term solution. Therefore, I wouldn't give more than a 4th for him. And maybe a conditional late pick.

Underrated?? Try overrated! Its easy to put up stats like that when you are losing the entire game everyweek.

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How about we don't trade any draft picks away for people that our HC doesn't seem to want? We're actually drafting potential talent for the future. Yes we gave up a conditional late round pick for Hightower, but the Broncos aren't wanting a late round pick for Orton, they were wanting an early round pick. Let's give Beck and/or Orton a shot this season.

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Orton is a 28 year old starting QB (29 in November) with a lot of startng experience.(he's started for 4 of his 6 seasons in the NFL), who can be a steady, game-manager for the team --- if called upon to so.

Whether it's a 3rd or a 4th, folks need to realize that Orton won't come cheap. salary-wise.

That's because Orton is in a position to request starter money, at least for this season. He's an RFA in the 'balloon' year ($8.8 million) of his contract. The Broncos have committed to pay his $1.5 million roster bonus, so his salary would be $7.3 million now. And if he's cut by the Broncos, they'd still owe him $1.5 million for the roster bonus and $2.9 m'illion for the guaranteed part of his salary. And with $4.4 million in hand, maybe Orton can afford to simply wait out the 2011 season to pick his own team, next season as a UFA.

Any change to of the above-mentioned financials -- would likely require concessions (draft picks, extensions,etc.) by the Skins. Also, I think Orton would also want a starter role to go with a starter salary and maybe some contract security.

So, I'm not sure how well Orton would fit into the Skins rebuilding plans. He's a decent QB, who might be coming into his own, but it looks like Shanahan might already be committed to Beck/Grossman and the 'QB to be determined in 2012'.

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Three words: 4th Quarter Rating!

Orton's 4th Quarter Rating is beyond bad, it in the 50's. Sorry but I'm not down for giving up a 3rd or 4th and having him take up nearly 10% of our cap. He's a mediocre at best QB talent, let's stay the course. Kyle Orton is not the long term answer at QB, next year we should be in position to draft our franchise QB.

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There is no point in bringing in any QB this offseason. With 4 weeks until kickoff that is not enough time to learn an offense and get in sink with teammates. Shanny was smart to stay the course and use 2 guys that are physically limited, but know the offense.

Not to mention Tebow looks terrible, so ortons price has gone up. If we suck this year we bring in Luck or Barkley. If were decent we stick with Rex and Beck until we can draft a replacement.

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I think Orton goes against the narrative of this season. (Also tentative titles for the 2011 NFL Yearbook)

It's either gonna be:


Massive suffering, hopefully sprinkled with some spectacular play from their young unproven talent, on the way to drafting Andrew Luck.



Considerable suffering tempered only slightly by unexpected success on the way to rebuilding the franchise from the ground up (A year late, but hey, this time it's FOR REAL?! **crickets**). Success that may or may not have an effect on their long term QB strategy next offseason.

If Orton was a FA, yes, if they have to give something up to get him, no.

Orton is not a franchise QB, he's just another cog but this Redskins team is sitting on blocks right now needing a whole mess of parts to even worry about improving QB unless ofcourse there was a bonafide superstar to be had but there isn't. Rather wait to get a better cog when the time comes.

Can't believe I'm saying this but I would rather play Rex ******* Grossman over trading for Kyle Orton.

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