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new on the board here


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Hey guys, I'm a big Redskin fan up here in british columbia. I've enjoyed reading alot of the posts here and looking forward to NFL this year. We've had a few ex-redskins play for the B.C. Lions in the CFL. I'm still pissed the Skins did not go after Cam Wake as he played for the Lions. Anyway, look forward to posting with you guys! Go Skins!

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Welcome aboard, hope you're thick-skinned, this place has a way of hazing new hires.

Your timing is good, you missed several years of ridiculous play and the resulting mess on the board, and now you're in place to enjoy the ride back up

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*Chuckles. Ignore the heard jimmy. Provided you pledge to hate all things with that darn star on their helmets, you'll fit right into our little 'home from home'

There's some real fun times and some real intelligent conversation to be had around these parts with these guys (and girls ;)) who really know their stuff and share your passion for our beloved B&G.

If you can learn to humour the moron's, you'll fit in just fine.

Oh, welcome BTW. :)


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