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I need some help (All you need is a phone and it's free)


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So those of you who follow me on Twitter (@IONTOP) or Facebook know what I'm going through, but for those of you who don't know:

1) I moved back to Greensboro to go to summer school at my old community college so that I would be eligible for UNC-Greensboro in the fall.

2) I completed summer school and got a 99% in my American History class (Only a 99% because I missed 2 questions on the final exam, I got 100% on EVERYTHING assigned before and I'm damned proud of that) and an Incomplete in my Psychology class because all the work I did online was temporarily lost, it has now been found.

3) My professor told me he would change my grade on Monday (yesterday), I went to campus yesterday and he told me that the person who signs off on grade changes was not in the office all day and hasn't returned his phone call.

4) I went to the Transcript office to get my official transcript and they told me there was a 48 hour waiting period for transcripts.

5) My transcripts were due at UNC-G Monday, and I had no power to turn them in, because of BOTH the 48 hr waiting period and the incomplete grade.

6) I'm sacrificing 6 months - 1 year because of this "computer glitch", grades were released last Thursday, therefore I wasn't procrastinating this at all, I've literally had 4 days to fix this, 2 of those were arguing with my professor that I actually DID all of my classwork. Until he finally found my grades.

7) I'm going down to campus later today (8AM) to get my transcripts and I would really appreciate it if people would call just to annoy the **** out of them and give me my transcripts TODAY so that I can complete my senior year at UNCG.

Their number is (336)334-4822 Just ask for admissions/transcripts and say "I want David Glessner's transcripts fixed and released today so that he can finish his education."

They won't call you back and it should take about 5 minutes out of your day. All I want to do is to get on with my life without these unnecessary hurdles. And if you call them, and I can afford it, I will ABSOLUTELY buy you a drink the next time I see you....

Thank you for your time... I hope I don't get arrested tomorrow, because I am NOT leaving without an official transcript with my actual grades on it (Or in handcuffs for not leaving when they tell me to leave).

By the way the office is open from 8AM-5pm. And I don't care if you call after 100 people have already called, they need to get the point.

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