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Has Shanny actually said anything about Beck besides that one time? Is everyone running with Shanny's words from his presser, just as they did when he mentioned conditioning, 2-minute drills, etc? I think Shanny tends to ramble, or not think immediately before he speaks. He's brutally honest, but I think even he knows, he could have worded some things better in the past. Or maybe he doesn't care what people think of his words. In pressers anyway.

What he said was he had Beck rated the highest quarterback in his draft. I believe that. But saying "I think the world of him" seems a bit much, and probably not 100% true. At least not enough for everyone to go proclaiming him the starter. What the Shanny's HAVE said repeatedly is that there will be competition for QB. Rex is way ahead of the game, more experienced overall, and experienced with this offense. It's a no-brainer except Shanny said he 'thinks the world of him'. Well, that's a very nice thing to say when asked about the guy, but it's business.

I guess preseason will be pretty telling this year, and fun to watch. When was the last time QB1 wasn't a sure thing before preseason?

But Beck hasn't proven to be a turnover machine like Grossman, so he has the advantage there. All he has to do is manage the game, and he beats Grossman.

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