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DM: Is it prostitution? Website helps female students pay off debts by dating 'sugar daddies'


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Is it prostitution? Website helps female students pay off debts by dating 'sugar daddies'

A website has been accused of promoting prostitution by helping cash-strapped college students pay off their debts by dating older men.

SeekingArrangement.com offers its 'sugar babies' the opportunity to collect money through ‘dates’ with older, more financially set men.

One of the site's users, 'Taylor,' said she was paid $350 to have sex with a man more than twice her age.

Taylor said: 'I just wanted to get out of that situation as safely as possible, pay off my debt, and move on.'

Brandon Wade, the founder of Seeking Arrangement, told the Huffington Post that business is booming.

'Over the past few years, the number of college students using our site has exploded.

'College students are one of the biggest segments of our sugar babies and the numbers are growing all the time.’

The 'sugar daddies' are offered companionship and possibly much more, depending on how much they’re willing to pay.

And Seeking Arrangement isn’t alone - several other sites operate under the same pretenses.

And this raises the question: Are Seeking Arrangement’s 800,000 members guilty of prostitution?

Click on the link for the full article and a video

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Just to throw a monkey wrench at everyone, it doesn't say all these girls actually had sex with people. So, is it prostitution to snuggle up to a guy to get a beer at a bar for free?

No , prostitutes don't deal in beer......strippers on the other hand do deal in champagne

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This isn't the first time I've heard of this. Apparently there used to be some thing back in the 70s/80s where young college age women would room with older, financially stable men... I want to say they called them "sponsors"... I don't know where this type of thing was common other than I heard 2 radio hosts talking about it. Was there sex involved? Probably... the stituation here seems like blatent prostitution however.

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I don't have a problem w/prostitution in theory, but I also have to admit that I don't like the idea of it being turned to as desperation due to the economic times. There are plenty of women out there who enjoy being prostitutes, they don't necessarily need to do it, they prefer to make their money that way.

That to me is a little different than women who are cash strapped and feel the only way to make ends meet for something as simple as a tuition payment is to sell their body.

I think this website is more a sign of the economic times we are in, than women actually feeling good about the decision(s) they are making to participate.

A lot of people say we have transitioned from a country/society who makes things, to a economy that is all about providing services.

It sounds like this is going to end up another example as The Elite using the working poor as their slaves, in one way or another.

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I guess a problem though is, unless "sex" as well as defining what sex is, is specifically written into the agreement, where does that leave both parties if payment is made, intending to have sex, but the client refuses. A refund may be in order some would say, but unless sex is written in specifically, than how to you gauge what constitutes services rendered?

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I can picture the episode of Forensic Files on truTV right now. The episode would be named "I didn't want to go that far". Some "sugar daddy" gets obsessed with his college companionship, and things get violent when she refuses to have sex with him no matter the amount of money.

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Aren't both parties getting what they signed up for ?

To me it is just another option to means.

Both parties willingly signup to be a part of this.

No no, see, we need to arbitrarily ban this particular way of doing something you otherwise wouldn't want to do for money. But if you want to pick a different form of that same idea, like, say, eating a bowl full of live ****roaches in order to win $50,000, then we'll just film it and broadcast it on network television.


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