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A Little Birdie Says: Redskins signed Shayne Graham


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I really hate to be the douchebag who makes the Madden comparison, but in my franchises I ALWAYS go for the top punter and kicker available. The best kickers/punters in the league make so much less money than even 2nd-tier players at other positions but they can make such a huge difference--and that's true in both madden and reality.

That being said, I'm also fine with giving Gano another year to come into his own. Dude's got skills.

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I can't think of the last kicker we've had that DIDN'T make me feel that same feeling.

Chip Lohmiller? Seriously I have no confidence that a Kicker wearing Burgundy and Gold can make an extra point, let alone a field goal, we have not had a decent kicker since 1992

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