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Per Adam Schefter: Arizona trades Tim Hightower to Skins for Vonnie Holliday and pick


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Being bored and browsing, I would now like to retract the comment about pulling THT's hair. Having seen the picture below, I'd like to state he has outstanding dreads and that I never believed the 'extension' thing either. :paranoid:



Hilarious, thats why he can run so fast.

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Beanie Wells and Ryan Williams (drafted in the 2nd)? That sounds like a pretty solid tandem to me.

You're right about him putting the ball on the ground too much (9 fumbles in the last two seasons) but otherwise I love this trade/acquisition.

The depth chart will probably be Torain/Hightower as 1/2 and Helu as 3rd. That's a good group and three good prospects.

BTW I know a guy who knew Hightower at Richmond and said he's a great guy.

I actually meant no GOOD runners, but so far this guy has played well. I bet az wishes they had him back now!!If tim hightower plays like this all year I'm going to be eating my words quick:ols:

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