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Redskins Add Davonte Shannon - SS


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Davonte Shannon

Thank you everyone for your love and support...your boy is a Washington Redskin!

I know most won't be familiar with him, but I attended UB (University at Buffalo) and watched him start all 4 years for the school. Sure, its the MAC, and not exactly the SEC but he is a very solid player.

I'm not sure he'll make the team, but I hope that he gets a true shot, as he can surprise quite a few people. I thought he'd get drafted before the CB from Buffalo, Josh Thomas (who coincidentally went to Dallas).

Anyways, heres some info on him:

6'-0", 211 lbs, SS

He pulled a hamstring during his pro day, so his 40 is really low there, however he's very solid and I don't know if I've ever really seen him miss tackles. Very sound. My hope is he isn't just Camp Fodder, but can get into a Special Teams role.


Highlight Video:

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From the highlight, he seems like a solid tackler. He has good movement, takes good angles, and delivers a good pop. Most of the highlights are of him tackling running backs or receivers, which demonstrates he can bring down brute force/quick feet and keep up with speedy receivers.

His coverage ability seems in question... In many of the packages, it looked liked they used him like Laron Landry - the last man. He seems to have a good read on where the ball's going, but he's often a step late and needs to make the tackle since he was too late to break up the pass. Again, that may be attributed to the packages, though...

Seems like a solid pick up, camp fodder or not.

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He was definitely used in Run support at UB. I don't remember too much about his pass coverage (which means it can't be horrid, but I'm not sure on how great it is). Although if he were to be a SS here, it might be a great role for him, as we probably don't want Landry out in coverage too often either.

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