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ComCast SportsNite Day 2 Mini-Camp Report


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Spurrier says he likes Thompson, McCants, and Lockett. And that those three players and Gardner are very good players. Marvin Lewis says the defense is doing well. There is a sense of urgency. Fred Smoot says Marvin Lewis is his head coach. Arrington says the practice went well. Lewis says Arrington is a very coachable player and that LaVar asks good questions in the classroom. <br /><br />Things look very good.

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Guest fuji869

You notice how he mentioned Thompson, McCants, and Lockett 3 WRs, I like how Sage Steele on Comcast SportNite pointed that out.<br /><br />Fun-N-Gun should be fun in D.C.<br /> <br /> <small>[ March 27, 2002, 06:57 PM: Message edited by: fuji869 ]</small>

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