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Anyone here a Capologist???

Missin Meast

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I am sitting here just being floored at the moves the Eagles keep making..... Does anyone AT THIS point know where we stand on left over money??

We have been quiet for the last few days, and I was just curious as to the type of players who are still in our market????

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I've read that many think that the Skins cap room was last at $22 million but that was an assumption. It takes a lot of unknown calculations to come up with the cap figure at this point, so really the only people that know their own cap situation are the heads of their respective organizations. The accounting that's going to take place with regards to the new CBA and as it relates to the present salary cap won't realistically happen until after the season starts. I don't have the CBA, however it's easy to suspect that figures will be required for an accounting at or before the start of the season. Creative cap management is always an option and the Redskins have been good at using their 'credit cards' and creating cap room. Those 'credit cards' are the restructuring of contracts and moving money to a signing bonus that is spread out over the life of a contract. Further use of those 'credit cards' are to restructure and extend the contract and lower the cap hit. What happens is you create unwanted dead cap hits in subsequent years unless you a have an uncapped year to pay it all down at some point (which is exactly what the Redskins did).

Some things to remember about the cap:

The uncapped year allowed for teams to purge dead cap space.

Some did (i.e. Redskins) and some didn't (i.e. Cowboys).

I'm not quiet sure what the Eagles did for clearing issues with dead cap money in the uncapped year but I do know that they were way below the cap in 2009 and had plenty of room to spend (about $53 million).

Second thing I would consider is that it was revealed that the spending requirement is not what it appeared to be in the beginning. That requirement doesn't count until the beginning of 2013 and is a total for 3 years. So, owners left lots of room to play around with numbers and no immediate impact. The Eagles obviously have been 'Brilliant'. They have done nothing more than drafted well and traded even better. They are the team that put themselves in the position to add the 4-5 players they needed in free agency to put them over the top to make a Super Bowl run. They're the hands on favorites at this point. Even with an injury or two, they shouldn't miss a beat. They could run the table. But, talent is not the only factor in a championship. Things will still have to line up for the Eagles to win it all in 2011.

As far as ramification for salary cap issues down the road, you really don't know what type of situation they're actually in until the specifics of the contracts are revealed and a season is played. You have to wait until the end of the season to add it up because if they win a Championship the cap doesn't matter, mission accomplished. It's the subsequent years where they failed to win a championship that creates a dilemma. 30+ year old NFL players trend downward. Adding up the cap at years 2013 to 2016 (where the spending requirements begin) will be where the signing of 2011 will come into play. Consider this much, if the Eagles don't win a Super Bowl in 2011 or 2012, half of their signings this year will be trending downward most likely. That creates a scenario where a trade or a roster cut is likely. A trade helps the cap and a cut doesn't. Let's assume that the Eagles follow their history and trade well. The result will be plenty of cap room to do whatever they want for as long as they want. If they must cut and take on dead money on the cap, they won't be able to sign free agents that will require 10+ million a year in cap room.

With these basic considerations, the Eagles can pretty much do whatever they want for the life of the new CBA. Why? From what I can see, it's because they were very clever and timely. They drafted well and traded brilliantly. They essentially had $58,216,706 to spend this year on whatever they wanted. They typically spend 104.7% of that years salary cap and manage it in ratios like this: base salaries (55%), other bonuses (20%), and prorations (25%). This formula was consistent for 2007, 2008, and 2009 (non capped year 2010). A good ongoing blog on the Eagles cap is here: http://eaglescap.wordpress.com/category/uncategorized/page/2/

They basically live and die by the trade and draft. They stay away from the mega deals on re-signings but when they do the big deals they trade on a high and avoid the cap hit. They are very clever and have done well.

Where this goes wrong is with injuries and hold outs. If one or two of their big money FA's has a serious injury and another one or two hold out for a payday, it will backfire. As they have spent big money and paid out, as we Skins fans understand, the locker room changes and the culture demands more money by everyone. Greed.

Injuries and Greed can catch up to the players sooner or later. It's the Owners that won't get injured and their own greed that will go untouched with the new CBA. The new hold out fines are so excessive that you can't hold out like in years past and make it up. 3 million per month in fines put the owners in the drivers seat in virtually all scenarios.

Bottom line is the rich are getting richer and it's not going to change. The Eagles will be fine for the next couple of years and beyond as their formula has worked and isn't much different although it seems like it. They just spent what they created over the last number of years and as long as they don't have to do it for another couple of years then it will never catch up to them.

It looks like bad news for the rest of the NFC East for some time to come.

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Thanks for the information guys...especially you shredder, great info. Any idea of who is on the radar?? Rex Grossman, obviously...

I'm just not trending to the Redskins signing more position players at this point. 2011 Skins FA has shown a youth movement and been declared to outgoing veterans. That's a tell tale sign for no significant FA signings at this point. It appears that they signed whom they targeted and are trending towards teaching the system to the core that's in place. They are rebuilding although they don't want to actually say the words. I also don't see where FA signings will fill the remaining holes or add value depth. It looks like they're ready to fill holes with youth and nothing further. I'm shelving expectations for 2011 and 2012 to watch a growth pattern that would create a competitive roster in 2013.

I did see that Ahmad Bradshaw could be on their radar. That would be consistent with a youth movement and a trend to weaken a divisional opponent. It really looks like the Skins have acknowledge the fact that the Eagles played them like a fiddle and have come out smelling like roses with Kolb as well. If you can't beat'em, goin'em. For that Ahmad Bradshaw would be a pick up that shares that logic.

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I'd add that you don't have to be better than everyone to win the NFC Wild Card and go to the playoffs. If you can be second best in the NFC East you can get in....Skins can't catch the Eagles for a few years, but they could hurt the Cowboys and Giants enough to put them in a position for a wild card berth if they're ahead of the other two and go 4 of 6 inter-divisional. If they hit on Beck and get the ZBS rolling then the possibility of a wild card berth is probably their limit for the next two years.

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