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Someone wanna write a comeback to this eagles fan for me?


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Im dead tired and dont feel like writing a paragraph on all the things wrong, this is from another message board btw, here is his post

Ohhh.... A Skins' fan? Didn't know there were any of you left. You jelly you guys didn't spend the most this offseason? Oh wait, there's a cap, and the Eagles know how to manage it. Since the Skins can't spend unlimited money, they'll blow all of it on useless players while the Eagles will sign Pro Bowl players for relatively cheap prices. (Nnamdi's contract is very similar to Jonathan Joseph's.)

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It's funny how they harp on the Skins for always spending the most, then when the Eagles spend the most, they're doing it smartly.

Useless players? Atogwe, Bowers, Cofield, Chester, Gaffney? I guess all those guys are washed up.

Ask the Heat how spending the most money in the offseason worked out.

DeSean's holding out for more money, but they spend it all on other players. It'll be interesting finding out who he signs with next year.

Who says "jelly?"

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I had sex with your wife.

responses won't get any better than this, so let's go ahead and shut this one down.

Going forward let's put a little more thought into threads. "I got in an argument with some dude on another board, finish my argument for me" is kinda scraping the bottom of the barrel. At minimum it could be mentioned in one of the other threads.

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