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Larry Michael just called me about season tickets.


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Just got a call with a recorded message from Larry Michael informing me that I am eligible to purchase season tickets "starting at $65 per seat per game".

Now, I have not called the number back yet. Is this just a club seat promotion, or is there a chance that these are actual general admission seats?

I need to talk to the wife and family before I can commit to buying some seats, because I want to be ready to buy when I call in the off-chance that it's actually general admission seats.

Anyone know anything about this?


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I feel no need ot by season tickets because you can get tickets to any game you wanna go to, typically at less than ticket value close to game day. So games I want to go to, I do when I would rather stay at home I do.

I love the Redskins but i like the whole NFL sunday experience where I get up watch the pregame shows, order wings take out (or go to a bar), drink beer and use a clean restroom with minimal jerks to contend with (or at home no jerks ot contend with)

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It is no coincidence that those robo-calls are coming right in the midst of this free agent signing and trade frenzy. They figure strike while interest is piqued.

Or they figure "Where are we going to get all this money from to pay these guys? Oh, right: Joe Schmo. Bring in the auto dialer."

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