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Nate Clements...getting cut,, we wanted him in 07 do we want him now?


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dont want him, and for the record i hope barnes beats out wilson for the no.2 corner......btw anyone heard anything on carlos, doesnt look like were keeping him but havent heard much chatter on him or cromartie, guess it wont start until nnamdi gets scooped

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No. We have Wilson, Westbrook, Barnes and even Gomes can play CB. We're fine.

Defences run lots of nickle packages these days...... We need 3 good CB!!!

1) Hall

2) Wilson

3) ?? I hope we bring back PB to be the nickle, but we need to get someone

-Not sold on westbrook, or barnes.... Waiting to see what Gomes can do.

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Cromo would be a nice pickup. Espesh if we release or deal Rogers.

Rogers is gone dude......... Is a FA and doesnt want to be here anymore

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