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NFLShop.com: Could Jerseys on Sale forshadow cuts coming?


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I was looking at Jerseys on-line. All the players who are no longer here or traded are on sale, reduced price. I see 2 players still on the roster that are on sale, it may be crazy thinking but I am going to watch to see if they make the 53, just curiosity on my part. I remember years ago Deion Sanders jersey went on sale right before he was gone. The 2 players still on the roster that are reduced price are Chris Horton and Mike Sellers. I can't see Big Mike being cut.


Edit: I think there goes my theory, McNabb and Big Al's jerseys are not on sale...YET. lol

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It amazes me that Horton's jersey was ever desirable enough to be sold. He had a great few games his rookie season but anyone with two eyes could see that his turnovers were more a case of being in the right place at the right time than raw playmaking ability. He's a decent backup player.

I hope people don't take that the wrong way. I like Horton and I'd like to see him stick around a few more seasons in a reserve role but he doesn't have any business starting.

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