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Owners agree to players new deal..players still need to vote.


Which QB will put up the best stats?  

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  1. 1. Which QB will put up the best stats?

    • Whomever Mike/Kyle put under center (Beck, Grossman, QB to be named later)
    • Andy Dalton
    • Blaine Gabbert
    • Jake Locker
    • Cam Newton
    • Christian Ponder
    • Another rooke (explain)
    • I love lamp, like really love it

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Heard at the very end of News NBC 4....Looking for internet link.


NFL Network's Albert Breer reports the owners have voted to ratify a global settlement of the antitrust case and collective bargaining agreement.

The final tally was 31-0 with the Raiders abstaining. According to SI.com's Peter King, the owners will not be forced to hand over $320 million in lost benefits from 2010. Multiple reports suggest the owners approval will lead to a conditional lifting of the lockout as long as the players vote to approve the settlement and agree to recertify in an 8:00 p.m. ET conference call. Whether the players go along with the owners' settlement terms remains to be seen.

Watching ESPN: When ratified - teams can re-sign own players and draftees. New league year will start Wed the 27th and thats when free agency begins!

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NFL network is painful to watch. Their production is **** right now. Some of the mist sloppy live tv i have seen in a while.

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Facilities to open Sat.

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When does this vote happen? and if it gets all straightened out what is the impact on the season?

Sorry if it's been answered but this whole thing is muddled to me.

The vote comes either tonight or tomorrow. Pretty much going to be passed very soon, all the camps open up next week and ****, no HOF game

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Anyone see LaCanfora make a complete ass of himself spouting off nonsense about how they were no further along than they were to start the day (after the owners just voted) and then to top it all off, D Smith appears behind him talking to the ESPN guys. Completely hilarious moment that completely sums up that idiot's career. How he has a job with the NFL network is beyond me. I guess they need someone for Rich Eisen to talk over.

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