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dallascowboys.com: Looking ahead to Redskins games

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I think the rivalry exists -- especially from Washington's perspective. But I'm wondering if the Cowboy's aren't placing more of their focus against beating the Eagles and Giants -- two teams who have been at the top of the NFC-East standings in recent years.

Sure, the Cowboy's don't want to lose to the Skins, but they really want to pin an 'L' on the NFC East favorites, to better their odds in tiebreakers.

Here's hoping we change that mind-set, and getting them really worried about the Skins again.

That's the key part, when they don't care about you as much as you care about them, it's gonna have an effect. If we're worried about them, and they're worried about someone else, and they still beat us more often than not either way, that can't help but hurt the rivalry some.

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