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ES - My school and I need your help please! Help send 13 awesome middle school students to Germany!


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Two out of the past three years my school (City Neighbors Charter School in Baltimore) has participated in an exchange program with a middle school in Leipzig, Germany. I can't even begin to tell you what a wonderful opportunity this has been for our students. Many of our kids have never been on a plane before. Some have never traveled farther than D.C., a mere hour away.

Each year the students spend three days in Berlin touring the city, then three days in Leipzig staying with German families, and then another day in Berlin before flying home. They get fully immersed in a different culture, learn some of the language, and see places they never knew existed. Most of all, more than a few have formed lasting friendships with overseas peers and communicate regularly over the net.

Sadly, the program is in trouble this year, even though we have more interested students (13) than we've ever had before. It has always been the policy at our school that no student should have to stay home from a field trip because of financial concerns, and we honor that policy even for this international trip. The approximate cost including airfare, lodging, food, museum admissions, etc. is $1300 per student for 8-9 days abroad. On average, the families have pledged to pay about $800-900 of that cost out of their own pockets. This year our school is scraping the bottom of the barrel to even pay our staff and maintenance costs, but we would hate to see this trip fall through.

Please, please consider donating even a small amount to help keep this phenomenal program running. I can't stress enough the benefits of this trip, and that these are deserving young men and women who otherwise would not have an opportunity like this. If we can raise even $300 on Extremeskins it would guarantee another student the chance to go. Raising $4000 would cover the expenses for all 13 students. Every single penny you donate goes straight to the students, nothing is shaved for administrative costs, and all the legwork is done on a volunteer basis by parents and teachers.

If you would like to help, you can donate via Paypal to paypal@cityneighbors.org or by sending a check payable to City Neighbors Charter School to

ATTN: Germany Trip

City Neighbors Charter School

4301 Raspe Avenue

Baltimore, MD 21206

Please mark on the check or paypal donation that the money is for the Germany Trip.

Below are some pictures of our students and their new German friends from last year's study abroad:


The class in Berlin.


Four of our students at the Berlin Wall.



Visiting the Sachsenhausen concentration camp. It made an enormous impression on the students, especially in the bleak weather.


A mix of German and American students trying to get this ancient well to make noise. If you wet your hands and rub them on the brass handles, it makes a sound like blowing across the top of a soda bottle, except considerably louder.


Daniel (German) and Anthony (American).


Students heading off to explore the Weinachtsmarkt (Christmas Market).


Both schools together under a statue of J.S. Bach.







Some of the sights our students get to see.

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Traveling the world has enriched my life and expanded my cultural perspective in so many ways. This sounds like a great program and I'm more than happy to help kids who would otherwise not receive this opportunity. Good luck raising funds, I sincerely hope your school is able to get all these students over to Germany and provide them with an experience they will never forget :)

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So why do you have a job persecuting those poor people that just want a little marijuana? :silly:

Haha. Nah, I'm a tobacco inspector. I persecute people not following federal laws when advertising tobacco products and/or selling them to minors. I don't know why I get sent to so many marijuana warehouses and dispensaries on my inspection lists. Evidently there is such a high density of them in CO, they end up on any list. :ols"

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I'm sorry I haven't had time to reply yet, we had a death in the family and I've been out of town.

However, I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Everyone who has contributed is making a big difference for these young people.

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