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Health/U.S.News: Millions of Americans Lack Access to Dental Care: Report


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Millions of Americans Lack Access to Dental Care: Report

Too few dentists in certain regions, lack of insurance coverage are key factors cited

WEDNESDAY, July 13 (HealthDay News) -- More than 33 million Americans live in areas with too few dentists to meet their needs, and millions of children and retirees lack access to good oral health care because they can't afford it, a new government report finds.

"Persistent and systemic" barriers continue to block many Americans' access to dental care, the report from the Institute of Medicine (IOM) and the National Research Council (NRC) has found. And poor oral health can have dire consequences, the expert panelists said.

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This has been a topic of conversation for a few people I know recently. All in the dental field,(except me of course). :silly:

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This IMO falls into the healthcare debate, but my guess is that even more need dental care than need physician care.

It appears that lack of one can lead to the other. Which is why yes,it should be included in the healthcare debate,but it seems many times it's overlooked. That's the perception anyway by those I've talked to in the industry.
I wish I had dental care in my health insurance.

The plan I had with my old employer included a dental plan but at additional cost. I think the deductible for a simple cleaning nearly matched the cost of the cleaning itself.

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We purchased dental insurance but I'm not sure its worth it unless you have kids. Especially kids with teeth as jacked up as my oldest. Pretty sure that dental insurance is going to start paying dividends this year.

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Dental insurance is horrible for the most part. Most are $1,500 max annual. So if you need a root canal or something sort of major, you used that $1,500 on your first visit. Everything after that is out of pocket for the rest of the year.

Yeah, but there's also the reduced cost insurance companies wrestle from Dentists. We maxed out our dental last year. Insurance only paid $1500 but we paid about $3000 less than we would have without insurance.

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