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The Official Copa America Thread. Just for Huey.


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Still cant believe every favorite lost in the quarter finals.

Brazil lost to Paraguay.

Columbia lost to Peru.

Argetina lost to Uruguay.

And most annoyingly.. Chile lost to Venezuela

Paraguay plays that patented 11-0-0 formation so I can't cheer for the turtle just for entertainments sake. No self respecting Chilean can root openly for Peru (with apologies). Going to have to go with Uruguay, even if they are dirty.

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Paraguay beating Brazil in the QF was the result of the single greatest performance of a goalie that I have witnessed, and perhaps the greatest of all time. Justo Villar did something I would have thought impossible. Stone Brazil though an entire game including PKs. Go to the Copa America website and watch the highlights.

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Congratulations Uruguay.

A record breaking 15th Copa on Argentinian soil no less. I can't think of anything better shy of winning a World Cup in Buenos Aires if you happen to be from over the River Plate in Uruguay.

And well done 'Stone Cold.' Top scorer and a winners medal. Not a bad summer at all Luis lad. Go take a WELL earned vacation. We can cope without you the start of this season. Come back when your refreshed and continue the mantle in a long line of World class players to wear one of the most famous shirts in World football.

L'pool's #7.


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