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Question About Activating Photoshop on the Internet


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I've been trying to activate Photoshop CS5 extended, but everytime I put in the serial code then click "activate" (or whatever the term is), it shows that it's "connecting"...then comes back and says "unable to connect to the internet" and thus can't activate Photoshop, even though I'm connected to the internet...and thus all I can do is close it down.

Anyone have any idea why this is? I can't find anything online that will solve the problem. Going to the Adobe forums was a waste of time as well.

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Can't you call them to activate? I thought you could

When I try and activate it, it only tells me that it can not connect to the internet. The links that show up take me either to a general Adobe website page for info about all their products, or to an activation page...and that page only says "If your software fails to activate, either because it cannot connect to Adobe over the Internet or because its use is found not to be permitted, it may offer only limited functionality or not operate at all." lol...

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I think I once had a problem with an operating system conflict although I think the most likely answer is that your firewall is preventing your computer from connecting with Adobe.

The strange thing is, I was able to activate Illustrator and InDesign lol...

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Well, the firewall apparently wasn't the culprit. I even went so far as to turn the firewall off...still said that activation couldn't occur because i wasn't connected to the internet.

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