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fixed. Kilmer, you almost had it, you have to use the tags, but the text that goes between them is the code after the "=" sign in the link. In this case, 7Ts27KDHNx4

so, 7Ts27KDHNx4 [ / youtube] (no spaces)

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I believe the code has changed. This will work. (Note, you can copy/paste this code if you Go Advanced when you reply to a thread, and then scroll to where it says code is on. Click on that link and it will give you all codes.

[v ideo=youtube;7Ts27KDHNx4]

[ /video] (no spaces)

That being said, Fishbone rules.

Edit: I just realized this was bumped from 2011. My bad!

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My little brother turned me on to these guys about 20 years ago.

It's about the only good thing he ever did. :ols:

it sounds like he must have almost as good taste as he is charming... amazing!


everyone is missing the point of the bump...


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Language is on fire that are launched, start here

The warning of the word goes out to all the

above all the below and all who have been cast aside

For everyone who is re-energized, criticized or

disguised. From the roof of the powerhouses to the

ground floor of your soul.

To all who can fathom a subsidiary atmosphere

And to all who can listen to the sound of cyber fear

Chim Chim's Badass Revenge...

Equals the imaginative mind that enables us

to resist the strategies of containment brought on

to us by political thunder whores from on high

It's the coming of the digital freak swing Vs.

ape kills master. If you try you will catch on...

Inhospitable cellular chain gangs and the slaves

speak of consumerism.

And in the monsters of plastic that await

behind the hidden corners of the new hype

Chim Chim's Badass Revenge...

The surrender of our dignities and the disintegrate

of the Wamo Frisbee within us all of the side effects of

the emerging techno psychology.

The pulse button landscape of the coming millennia

and it intellectual discriminations can't be avoided,

they can only be down graded repudiated and

afthroplacentrically renovated.

The history distorting legislative heartbeat of the

coming century

Aligns itself with weakness and over indulgence

Chim Chim's Badass Revenge suggests that you

structure your acceptance of the frequencies

according to hope and man and a kick ass outlook

If you try you will catch on.

The reinvention accelerates from this point

For it is with these words and the spirit of

Chim Chim's Badass theory of religiosity that we bring

you the only antidote that humanity will ever know


Damn I wish I could have a chance to see them.

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