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NCAA Football 12 PS3/360 Thread (Post your GT/ID and i'll add you to player list)


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anyone picking this up on Tues? Amazon has the $20 credit offer for preorder that you can still get if you want. what school do you roll with?

I haven't played NCAA since '08 b/c i've been a heavy madden player. However, EA said for the 3rd year in a row they will not be updating the online franchise which i use the most, so i am not gonna support that software this year.

PS3 people: Here is The PS3 2012 Online Dynasty Thread

EDIT: PS3 Dynasty is full, way to go guys. Lets get it. If there is openings we will post them.

ID - ES name

PS3 ID's:

Cas850 - Drew_fl

dcskins87 - SlackyMcslackass

Rd421 - Rd421

Mattfancy - Mattfancy

badtmpr22 - Champskins

Gecha_Popcrn_Rdy - Riggins77

X360 GT's:

skinfan2k - skinfan2k

DaveFe - BlueinBuf

rip2irip - Stoney26

zmoneydawg - Styx491

rdsknfanatic - Skinsngibbs4life

tripleseis - Dreamshatterer

Baetsen - Darrellsmyhero28

Skins_fan08 - Goskins_08

atlhawksfan - The Sir

jaybreezy26 - JayBrant

Legend Of DC - Hail Freezes Ova

Rdskn4lyf - Rdskn4lyf21

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if you guys want to leave your PSN/360 ID or gamertag for people to play you or you want to invite to a dynasty, just leave it in a post and i'll update the first post. That way when the game drops if people want to find a game or maybe start a dynasty with people they don't have to scroll through the thread.

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Anyone have a link to the schools overall rankings?

I know it's futile but I gotta roll with my NC State Wolfpack.

you can go here and sign into the teambuilder site.

there you can look at the individual player ratings for all the schools, but idk about team ratings. also, Slacky says he has the game already so maybe he can tell you.

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zmoneydawg, getting it shipped from Amazon on release day with a 20 dollar amazon gift card. Yeaa!

---------- Post added July-10th-2011 at 06:45 PM ----------

Also guys, Amazon is offering 11 dollars for the NCAA11 trade in, I've already done it and if ordered from Amazon basically makes the game less than 30 dollars (with the free Prime shipping).

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