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SI: Peter King Fill in Mike McGuire


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Peter King is on vacation and he has guests write his MMQB. This week he has 1st Sgt. Mike McGuire writing it. I know it's a day late but screw it. Let's not forget the cost of the original 4th of July and what it still costs us today. I strongly recommend reading this article.


In the article it mentions a soldier, Allan Bevington, so I went looking on google and found this.


The guy was just 22 when he was killed by an IED.


That is the main link to the site. Just click on the names of a few of the fallen and read about them. No matter how you feel about the politics of the war, Please support the soldiers who have been sent there.

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This past Friday i went to Bethesda Naval hospital to visit a friend of mine Sgt. Liam Dywer, from the Marine Corp who was seriously injured in Afghanistan. When i went to the 5th floor, surgical ward, it blew me away at how many were there with missing legs, arms and other body parts. It definitely reminded me to give thanks to all of our armed forces for their sacrifice.

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