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Skins vid I found on Youtube!


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That is a really good video, and definitely helps puts things into perspective. I really like how it's not just our draft picks, but the draft picks adding onto our already current youth.

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Oh, and the Skid Row song is cool too.

Was curious about the other song and it's Kiss, I love it loud.

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Great video. We really did get young this year.

What's the story with Jarvis Jenkins? Why do I hear nothing about him? I know there was that thread a month or so ago about him not coming to workouts and stuff, but he just seems way more off the radar than the other draft picks.

Since then it's been good stuff. He's working out in Houston. He's been saying all the right things, which can be summed up by just saying the opposite of what Haynesworth would say. Such as not caring about stats and just wanting to attack the o-line and hit them hard etc etc.

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I sent him a message about ES and replied that he is unable to post due to not having a work based email. Not sure exactly what's up wit dat but it is always good to have creative mbrs.

Have him email me through the contact us link at the bottom of this page.

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