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NFL.com: Having a go at "America's Team"


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An entertaining look at some bad moments in Girls history...


"Happy birthday, America! In honor of this great nation, here is a countdown of the most embarrassing moments in Cowboys history"....

Click on the link for more..

Nice to see a couple shots at the Girls for once....:helmet:

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Gil Brandt had the Cowboys so far ahead of the curve in terms of scouting and drafting, he kept the team competitive for decades. Jimmy Johnson had some of the greatest drafts in NFL history. And then there is Jerry Jones. He hasn't done any of those things.

:rotflmao: :rotflmao:

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3. Tony Romo sits to pee

The Cowboys have had some of the greatest names in NFL history under center. Roger Staubach. Troy Aikman. Don Meredith. Now even the backup tight end isn't sure that the current starter should be given his job without competing with a journeyman for the gig.

But, but, but...

Romo sits to pee finally won a playoff game! Doesn't that put him on par with Staubach, Aikman, and Meredith?

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