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Poll: Favorite Pixar Movie

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I loved the Incredibles.

That get's my vote too, closely followed by any of the Toy Story franhcise. Particularly the first. But the Incredibles just flat out rocked as an adventure packed, fun filled flick.

Oh, and I aren't sure I should be admitting this in public, non less on here :paranoid:; but, :secret: if I were an animated pixar character, I'd do Elastigirl/Mrs Incrediblle in a heartbeat.


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I'm going to get flamed so badly for saying this, BUT...

As far as I'm concerned, "The Incredibles" is about as close to a perfect animated film as one can get. It knew when to be funny, it knew when to be serious. They made perfect picks for voice artists, the backgrounds were slick, and Brad Bird just directed the hell out of that movie.

Movies like Up and Toy Story (especially one and three) got the most out of me emotionally, but "The Incredibles" is a top three animated feature film all time (maybe only second to Fantasia).

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There isn't a more depressing first 10 minutes of a movie than Up. I love that movie though.

Nemo is my favorite pixar. Great blend of story and artistic ability. The animation in Cars was superior, but the story line wasn't that good.

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I went with "Up." The emotional impact of that movie is really incredible, considering it's an animated film. But it's really close between almost all of them.

I just never got into The Incredibles for some reason. I like it a lot, it's just not one of my favorite Pixar films.

Cars does absolutely nothing for me.

And this image never gets old:


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