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Hacker group LulzSec calling it quits


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It appears things are getting tight for LulzSec as they just posted that they are calling it quits as a vigilante group "Web Ninjas" started posting the names and photos of various Lulzsec members


We would like to put some focus on OP AntiSec and LulzSec "Epic Fail" Strategies

LulzSec are exposed to the world and hopefully arrests will happen in few weeks from now. It was a good move at your end to join Anonymous and other Hacker Groups to keep on your Lulz legacy and Anti-Govt agenda but we would like to make some points on your fail strategies.

1. LulzSec joined Anonymous for support. You are aware that you will be behind bars soon and you are expecting Anonymous to back you and continue AntiSec. Good for you but Bad for Anonymous. Every one knows you are already in deep **** and now you will also drown Anonymous with you in the name of AntiSec.

2. You guys think that you have inspired some hacker groups in the name of AntiSec- to some extent we agree with your thoughts but what you don't understand is this - When other Hacker Groups see your sentences and prison time, forget hacking they will be **** scared even to touch a PC.

3. We and the world are completely aware of your trump card - Whenever a member of LulzSec gets arrested, you will inform the world (to lift the morale of AntiSec) -"No, He is not a key member and mildly associated with us" and you will continue this dumb strategy even after the arrests of Topiary, Marduk, Tflow, Kayla and Sabu because you are Anonymous now, someone else will take care of your OP AntiSec.

4. You guys believe that VPN and Socks will save your ass but let us tell you a secret. If Law Enforcement (FBI, CIA, SOCA, Interpol, Europol) really wants to get any person on planet, they would do it. If a guy like Laden is not saved, you are still Kids connected to web and within their reach. According to media, you guys are on their top priority list.

Finally, you might be leaking some more stuff for few weeks but it is only matter of time when AntiSec and Anonymous will be history.


Web Ninjas

Hopefully the FBI, Interpol and other agencies can track all these ****s down and give them a much needed long prison sentence

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of all the people that need long prison terms, I don't think they qualify

I don't think they do either, and the group made a point during one of it's previous attacks saying a DDoS attack is akin to a protest outside the doors of a large corporation, where delaying a person's access to a place is justified, so long as the delay is limited to the amount of time it takes the protesters to express their concern. I can see how they think that but the one big difference is that Lulz never provided anyone with information about why they where protesting, at least not as the protest was going on. I think their defense of "cyber protesting" will not hold up in a court of law.

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I am completely confused. who did what and what happened?

To put it very simply - they are a serious hacking group. They recently leaked thousands of peoples xbox, hotmail, paypal, and various other emails and information. They have hacked into Arizona Police computers and posted some rather sensitive informtion and they and Anonymous have hacked other websites (CNN Mastercard Visa Paypal) and others

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I am completely confused. who did what and what happened?

In a nutshell, these guys calling them selves LulzSec hacked into the senate's network, the FBI, the State of Arizona's network and a few others, Then a group called Web Ninjas posted a lot of LulzSec's chat logs and published names and photos of some members of the group in hopes of getting them arrested.

This is the type of stuff that I'm going to school for (Information Systems Security) and find it really fascinating.

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