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New CBA--what do you do?


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Let's assume the recently proposed CBA (what we know about it) is agreed upon. This means only 4 years experience is needed to become an unrestricted free agent, the salary cap is lowered to about $120 million but a much higher cap floor is implemented (last one was about 90%, let's say this one is 95%--$114 million).

You're the GM--what do you do? Which Redskins UFA's do you re-sign? Who do you try to trade? What other UFA's do you pursue? Do you try to trade FOR any players?

Keep cap space in mind (if any of you cap gurus want to critique people's proposals, that'd be awesome).

Redskins' unrestricted free agents:

Santana Moss, Jammal Brown, Rex Grossman, Reed Doughty, Carlos Rogers, Rocky McIntosh, Casey Rabach, HB Blades, Chris Wilson, Phillip Buchanon, Kedric Golston, Stephon Heyer, Mike Furrey

ESPN's NFCE blog has had some recent articles about free agency: http://espn.go.com/blog/nfceast

They predict us going after...

-Ike Taylor at CB. Other possibilities: Johnathan Joseph or Chris Carr

-Joseph Addai at RB (as a compliment/competition to Torain/Helu)

-Marshal Yanda at RG/RT

Here's to a deal getting finalized soon!

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Walterfootball.com has some good comprehensive FA lists: http://walterfootball.com/freeagents.php

And here they did a "free agency draft" for fun (have us taking Sidney Rice): http://walterfootball.com/draft2011freeagency.php

Also here's an interesting tidbit from a recent ESPN blog chat:

Zack from NYC thinks not enough attention is being paid to the Redskins' youth movement: "Instead of Portis/Slow Willie/Larry Johnson we are going in with Helu/Torain/Royster/K Williams. On the WR side we replaced 55 year old Joey Galloway with a potential stud in rookie Hankerson. Kerrigan substiutes in for 30+ yr old Andre Carter. Not to mention adding OJ Atogwe to the back line. Am I delusional to start to feel good about the redskins for the first time in years?"

Dan Graziano: You're not 'delusional,' per se, and your assessment of the greening of the Redskins' roster is right on. But you have to remember that they're in the middle (actually, the early stages) of a rebuilding project there. And with their quarterback situation such a mess, it's hard to project real success for the Redskins in 2011.

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This means only 4 years experience is needed to become an unrestricted free agent

Why do people think this is a change from the old CBA? Except for 2010 (the rule change for the last year of the CBA was one of the "poison pills" put in to try to force both sides to the table before expiration was a sure thing although this failed to do what it was put in place to do) , a UFA was any player with an expired contract with 4 or more years of service which is the same as the proposal on UFA. Now, those drafted in the first half of the first usually got 6 year contracts (sometimes year 6 was an option year) and those picked from about the second half of the first to the first half of the second usually got 5 (sometimes with year 5 being an option year). Guys picked in the rest of the second through the 3rd and sometimes 4th got 4 year deals while everybody else drafted usually got 2 or 3 year deals. This was pretty much done to pro-rate the bonus (this is why the best way to create a rookie cap is to force shorter initial contracts).

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