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My rant on domestic violence


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I get a kick out of domestic abuse.

That's right, I think it's hilarious.

Because when you go crawling back to a guy who put you in the Emergency Room, for the 18th time, you deserve to be mocked, not pitied.

Never-mind his frequency in the arrest section of the paper, and his previous history of abuse.

Never mind the fact that his main income (if any) is dealing drugs.

Never-mind that those closest to you begged you to stay away.

You women just love those "bad boys".

And I love laughing at you when you find out why.

No doubt you turned down countless men who have jobs and a future, but they were just too "boring" because they don't want to live every single day in the bars.

Women have their pick of the litter when it comes to men. Even ugly chicks can get laid at will.

Meaning they have absolutely no excuses when they choose to be with these abusive guys, because she, no doubt, passed over some honest, hard-working men who want to settle down and live the "serious" life, because they're too "boring" (i.e. don't spend every second of their spare time partying).

Too many guys I know treated a woman like a queen, only to be dumped for jobless meth addicts and other trash.

They mocked and ignored the "nice guys".

It's only humorous and fitting that a lot of those same girls are "sowing those wild oats" face first into the kitchen counter, at a high velocity.

"You go, girl" indeed. To the ER with a broken jawbone, that is.

These women are prime Darwin Award candidates. That is why I laugh at them. And so should everyone else.

If you are are a woman and this describes your situation, you should chug a bottle of Drano and put yourself,(and those around you) out of your misery.

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