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AP: Pentagon is looking for someone to build a starship


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Pentagon is looking for someone to build a starship


The Defense Department wants to explore strange worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations, and boldly go where no defense agency as gone before. And they are offering money to help make this plan come true.

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA issued a call for ideas for a study to eventually build a starship, the interstellar travel vehicle mentioned in popular Sci-Fi series like Star Trek. DARPA said 150 competitors offered up private sector ideas, and the agency said some big names were among those interested.

DARPA said the winning idea will receive half a million dollars to "make it so." The winner will be chosen at a conference in Orlando this fall.

DARPA hopes to achieve interstellar travel in about a century.

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A half million dollars?

That might build an interstellar coatrack to put on the ship...


It's half a million to develop potentially viable concepts. They also spend money on many other far out ideas. BTW they are the most efficient money managers of any government agency,

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Half a million is for the PowerPoint sales presentation.

You joking me? I know someone who sold a BUSINESS MODEL off PowerPoint for 20 million. Half a million for this idea is the government's idea of a joke. If I figured out how to build a starship, I'd hold out for 100 mil just for the idea.

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