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Happy Birthday Albert Haynesworth


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Actually, not!

Get your fat ass out of here. Please choke on you triple bacon chicken pot pie, and your gravy drowned chocolate truffle tower cake. When you blow out your candles by yourself today, I hope your house burns down.

Now get up and run, the bakery just opened.


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I wonder how it feels to have so many people despise and hate you. To let down your team mates, coaches, and fans. To make people hate you so bad that they would wish bad things upon you on your birthday. Tell me fat ass, is it worth all that money?


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Hopefully he goes out and celebrates, winds up getting arrested for something.

Anything to help get money back and keep him out of the league for a while.

Hopefully the Sun rises tomorrow, the weatherman is wrong, and the Cowboys suck regardless of their record.

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