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Turbotax is Not Infallable


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My wife and I got nice matching letters from the IRS today. "You didn't declare your state tax refund!" (for 2009 taxes) What the hell! I go and look at the .pdf file that Turbotax printed, sure enough it had "0" for the line that was incorrect. I open up the Turbotax file that it was derived from; well damn! We certainly did put that into the Turbotax file!

Thanks Intuit! It's strange since that # carried over into our 2010 logs as well. We didn't get a refund from the state 2009, so I don't think this years taxes were impacted (or perhaps they got rid of that bug). It's not a big sum but big enough to make us a little ticked off.

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The interest and penalties I suppose; which honestly the time it would take for me to get would be a total nickel and dime job.

You can't duck your tax by blaming Turbotax. I didn't check the .pdf file... in fact you don't even see the .pdf file until you are finished.

When I filed I assumed that when I put that income in it was included in all the calculations. I should've realized the error upon review and amended.

Don't mess around with taxes!

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