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Anybody want to recommend me some software?


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Getting ready to take Mom to Disney again, this weekend. I'm going to spend roughly five days there, and a big chunk of that time I'll be in the hotel room with the drapes closed, while Mom naps.

I'll have a laptop. And the laptop will be connected to the hotel's Ethernet. But the laptop is kind of tough to use. The light from the screen irritates Mom, and I can't really read the buttons on the keyboard unless I have even more light.

I'll have my iPhone. But accessing the Internet via the cellular network is rather spotty there.

What I'd like to have is some software so that my WiFi laptop, plugged into the hotel's Ethernet, can act as a WiFi hot spot, providing Internet access to my iPhone.

Anybody know of any "turn a computer's wireless NIC into a WAP" program?

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