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Is anybody else a crossworder? I do the NYT one every day. I looked and was surprised there wasn't a thread about it here on ES (we have one on just about everything else). I thought it would be fun to compare times and thoughts about the daily puzzle.

Monday 6/13:

Time: 10:03 (about 3 minutes worse than my average Monday time)

Favorite clues:

6A (Bit of smoke): WISP - such a lovely little word.

2D ("The Man in the Iron Mask" role for Jeremy Irons): ARAMIS - forgot it until I had most of the crosses

Least favorites:

27A (Twisty highway curves): ESSES (dumb crosswordese)

28D (Putting women down, e.g.): SEXIST (dumb adjective where clue implies noun. sexism would have worked)

Trouble spot:

34D: (Gusto): ZEST - I had "zeal" from the beginning and it held me up

22A: (Pinnacle): ACME - I put APEX, because its a more fun word, but it wasn't very Monday-ish... dumb mistake.

Anyways, I hope there are other puzzlers on ES. Share your thoughts!

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I do one or two a day on the train - the one in the Express and the NY Times crossword in the Washington Examiner. I'm pretty sure the NYT one in the Examiner is a different one than the one in that day's NY Times though. I have a neighbor passes me the Sunday NY Times Magazine, so I get to do that crossword every week. That and the Washington Post Magazine are fun ones to do. The one in the Sunday Arts section is usually tougher than the WP magazine one.

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I don't do them on a regular basis anymore. I never timed myself as I was never that good at it.

I also enjoy the double crosstics. My dad used to make them. I got thrown off once when I put in Aurora Borealis instead of Northern Lights. That's when I found out that they both have the same number of letters.

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I do them on my iPhone and I think its great - much better than on paper. To each their own, I guess...

Tuesday (spoilers if you haven't done it yet):

Time: 9:35 (about average Tuesday time for me)

Overall, I liked this one. Lots of contemporary culture stuff and not too theme-dense. The theme ("sad" words in the long answers) wasn't noticed by me until it was all done. Contemporary culture things included BLUEMANGROUP, XERXES (clued from "300"), (ipod)NANO, (tami)HOAG, TOSH(.0), OREO, (mark)OMEARA, BRAD(paisley), a George Carlin reference etc. Fun stuff.

Favorite clues:

23A (Place getting a lot of buzz?): APIARY

47A (Crime scene evidence): DNA (I am a geneticist)

38D (Far from prudish): IMMODEST

Least favorite:

1D (Incidental activity): BYPLAY - what the heck is "byplay?" Never heard of it. Stupid word.

21D (Caspian sea feeder): URAL - If I never see URAL/ARAL in a crossword again it'll be soon enough. Its in it all the time. Boring.

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