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BBC: Laser is produced by a living cell


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Laser is produced by a living cell

A single living cell has been coaxed into producing laser light, researchers report in Nature Photonics.

The technique starts by engineering a cell that can produce a light-emitting protein that was first obtained from glowing jellyfish.

Flooding the resulting cells with weak blue light causes them to emit directed, green laser light.


The work may have applications in improved microscope imaging and light-based therapies.

Laser light differs from normal light in that it is of a narrow band of colours, with the light waves all oscillating together in synchrony.

Click on the link for the full article

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I read this article at sciencenews.org this morning. Talk about bringing bioluminescence to a whole different level. I was also reading about a laser being developed that used light refraction the same way a birds feathers does, to produce the feathers color.

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This is really cool. As an end of year project, we have our students design their own superheroes/villians and then they have to either find a way to make the powers work, or explain scientifically why they wouldn't work (the Hulk violates the law of conservation of mass, for example). This will help students that want to have their characters shoot lasers.

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