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Phillip Daniels just wished me happy birthday!!


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ok i so i know it isnt headline news but it made my evening a little better.

i have PD on my facebook page. i survived the cut about a year ago when he started a fan page and took many of the people on his personal page to that fan page. lo and behold i somehow made the cut. i have had real time correspondence with him a few times and have sent personal messages and posts etc.

i just got home and checked my FB page and was very happily surprised to see that PD sent me a birthday greeting about an hour ago.

like i said it is no big deal i guess but i think it once again goes to show what kind of character this guy has. he has always been real and charming to all the fans and i am proud to consider him a core redskin even though we all know that his career will be ending within a few years.

anyway i just felt the need to shed light once again on how this guy does the little things that cultivates fans!

PS - he has ALWAYS responded to any personal messages and post that i have made.

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PD is definitely a good guy, always talks to you on facebook and twitter. Have always been a big fan of his, but the way he treats fans in return is just great. Have to love the guy. Nice to see you get one and Happy Birthday to you.

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That's awesome, always cool when players take the time out of their day to acknowledge fans, shows mutual respect.

who put this as only 2 stars? lol

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I hope he can have some sort of job with the team when he cant preform any longer. Fantastic and stand up gentlemen

strength and conditioning coach please. A D that can lift like him, last as long as he has, and inherit his same attitude and ethic would be phenomenal

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