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Spartan Sprint Aldie, Va


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I did this one..and the past weekend I did the one in Cambridge UK...

OMG The one in the UK was SOO much harder, and VERY different.

Winning time in VA was about 21 mins. My time was 47 mins. In UK - Winning time was 39 mins, my time was 80 mins!

VA was so much more fun however. UK had NO MUD! Dirt, water, even a lake to swim across...but NO MUD!! Also - there was only 3 obstacles for the 1st 2 miles. TOO much running.

BUT - the UK had the "Tunnel of death". 300 yards in a drainage tunnel. Couldn't stand up, crawling sucked because it was water and rocks on the ground. Walls all around..and PITCH black. You couldn't see your own hand. You kept hitting the person in front of you (Eventually just grabbing them was the only way to do it). You were better off closing your eyes then trying to see in pitch black. Worse thing I've ever done. Took 15 mins to get thru and was probably 2 mins away from a mental breakdown!

The VA race was soo much more fun (Mostly because you need mud)- but UK did have better shirts... :)

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Nah, it's literally a gym catering to people that run obstacle races (and parkour!)



Competition Training is the brainchild of owner Salil Maniktahla, who didn't want anything to stand between his students and success at the obstacle course races that have been popping up across the region over the past five years. Most, such as Warrior Dash and RunAmuck, are mud runs that require participants to rappel down ravines, cross streams or face other hardships to get to the finish line. This month, National Harbor hosted Metro Dash, a 30-obstacle course that was designed to leave participants dog-tired instead of dirty. For the weekly Competition Training classes, the gym is rearranged to mimic the challenges the students will be up against next, and then some.

I'm going to check it out when i come back from the honeymoon.

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