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Chris Cooley in the latest ESPN the Mag


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Thought it was pretty cool of him to do this.

Here's the quote from the page:

My mom was always way into pictures. Growing up in Wyoming, we had this big pine tree, and every year on the first day of school she'd take a picture of me next to it to see how much I'd grown. On the first day of Kindergarten, she also snapped this shot of me in front of the bus. We lived way out in the country - our closest neighbor was a half-mile away - so the bus came right to my house. That football badge around my neck was to make sure the driver didn't pick up the wrong kid. I was always a huge football fan, and always a huge Broncos fan, but for some reason I'm wearing a Dolphins shirt. Blame my mom for that.

If you can't link to the pic, it shows Cooley, in a jean jacket, Dolphins shirt, jeans with the bottom of the legs folded up, with blue Nikes and a blue backpack in front of a bus, with a drawing of a football on a piece of paper hanging from his neck.

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