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With gazelle intensity (those of you that have read Total Money Makeover will know what I am talking about) I am adding funds to my emergency fund to get started on paying off some debt. I am not desperately getting rid of this helmet (because in reality I really don't want to and don't NEED to, but the extra cash can't hurt), but instead of putting it on eBay I'd like to see if any of my fellow skins fans are interested. I don't have a set price, but will entertain and respond to any offer (only serious offers please). I am selling both the helmet and case in the pictures. The case has the Redskins logo etched on the bottom right. Feel free to PM me with any offers.








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What is the "40" sticker on the back of the helmet? I don't remember the Skins

wearing that sticker. I know that they had a 21 sticker for Taylor. Is this a game worn helmet?

Really looks great! I am considering getting a case for my helmet. What is the engraving on your case?

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Mark The Homer took care of the one question for me, thanks Mark. No, it's not a game worn helmet. The engraving is on the front of the case, bottom right, it's the skins logo; if you look real hard on the first picture you can see it.

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Whoa! Someone got an excellent deal on that helmet! To get a helmet case, that particular model of helmet (The Schutt Air II, I believe) and the visor is an incredible deal. I have this helmet, but did not get a case or a visor and paid over 60 more for it on EBAY. Congrats to whomever got this deal.

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